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Develop locally, test on web

Ngrok exposes local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels. It’s a very useful tool, when you are developing on your PC and you need to expose your service on the web. It works on http and https. Official site

Kripton release 7

It was quite a long time ago when I start to develop this release. The features were introduced: Core module Add support for java.time classes introduced with Java 8: now it is possible to persist field of type LocalDateTime, LocalDate etc, without define any custom TypeAdapter. Some bug fixing Orm module Add support for java.time…
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Kripton: how to manage charset problems in Retrofit client

When you work with Retrofit and web services, you are probably (I hope so) working with UTF-8. Just remember that JSON RFC specifies to with it. In somecase I had to manage incorrect situation without change the backend behaviour (the server produce JSON is no UTF-8). Jackson library in its default behaviour throw an exception.…
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Maven: how to put in a Java source the project version defined in pom.xml

Recently I decided to insert a message during Kripton Persistence Library initialization at run-time which display library version. To accomplish this task I need to include in the source code the maven project version contained in pom.xml. Is there a plugin for maven that can help me? The answer is YES! It’s templating-maven-plugin. So, I…
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Kripton v.7 – work in progress

I’m not disappeared. I’m still here. I’m working on version 7 of Kripton Persistence Library. The main feature will be the support to SQLCipher, so you will be able to crypt your database! To bring this feature to Kripton, all generated data source will work with androidx.sqlite.db.SupportSQLiteDatabase. Kripton 7 have to say goodbye to android.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.…
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Interesting site: Heroku

I was looking for a host site to deploy my Java web application. I found https://www.heroku.com/. It has an interesting pricing to make some experiments: it’s free.

JHipster: a glue to develop modern web application with Angular/React and SpringFramework

JHipster is a complete suite of frameworks and libraries to develop a modern web application. It uses Angular and React to build front-end and Java Spring framework. It can be very useful if you need to develop a CRUD application in a short time. Some links (some of them are in Italian): https://www.jhipster.tech/ https://www.baeldung.com/jhipster http://www.mokabyte.it/2016/09/jhipster-1/…
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Interesting site: surge.sh

Surge.sh offers a simple but useful host service to publish a static web site. I find it useful for my Angular development. The link is: https://surge.sh/

from StackOverflow: update some specific field of an entity

I take an old answer about the Room usage from stack overflow. The original post is: I am using android room persistence library for my new project. I want to update some field of the table. I have tried like in my Dao – But when I try to update using this method then it updates every…
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Goodbye OpenGL, welcome Vulkan!

Some of my Android works is OpenGL ES 2.0 based. In the last time, I focused on other technologies and apps. OpenGL ES 2.0 is one of my favourites libraries, but I have to admit that it has some limitations, first of all, the constraint to be executed only on a single thread. Nowadays, with…
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