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Develop locally, test on web

Ngrok exposes local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels. It’s a very useful tool, when you are developing on your PC and you need to expose your service on the web. It works on http and https. Official site

Kripton: how to manage charset problems in Retrofit client

When you work with Retrofit and web services, you are probably (I hope so) working with UTF-8. Just remember that JSON RFC specifies to with it. In somecase I had to manage incorrect situation without change the backend behaviour (the server produce JSON is no UTF-8). Jackson library in its default behaviour throw an exception.…
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Interesting site: Heroku

I was looking for a host site to deploy my Java web application. I found It has an interesting pricing to make some experiments: it’s free.

JHipster: a glue to develop modern web application with Angular/React and SpringFramework

JHipster is a complete suite of frameworks and libraries to develop a modern web application. It uses Angular and React to build front-end and Java Spring framework. It can be very useful if you need to develop a CRUD application in a short time. Some links (some of them are in Italian):…
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Interesting site: offers a simple but useful host service to publish a static web site. I find it useful for my Angular development. The link is: