It was a hot summer for the Kripton Persistence Library. I began working on version 4.1.0, but at the end of the summer, I realized that features broke the compatibility with version 4.0.0 and they are important features. So.. goodbye version 4.1.0 and welcome version 5.0.0! In this post, I want to share only the release notes. I’m going to spend the next days to better explain the biggest changes and to sync documentation on the wiki.

Does not hesitate to write to me or to comment on this post!

Release Notes – Kripton Persistence Library – Version 5.0.0


  • [KRIPTON-276] – Improved support for SortedMap and SortedSet
  • [KRIPTON-277] – Type adapter used in DAO’s method has to be checked
  • [KRIPTON-279] – ORM: global type adapter does not work


  • [KRIPTON-262] – Kotlin class hierarchy: now property from parent class is correctly managed. Constraint: parent class must have a Kripton Annotation
  • [KRIPTON-263] – Java: property from parent class now can have a protected backend field (until now it can be only protected or public)
  • [KRIPTON-267] – ORM: in a table column order is: first PRIMARY KEY, then other column ordered by field name
  • [KRIPTON-268] – ORM: table order: table must be ordered by default ordered with its name. Mutual dependencies can change the default order.
  • [KRIPTON-271] – DateUtils have to work with System TimeZone
  • [KRIPTON-272] – Persistent on file: Support for Immutable POJO
  • [KRIPTON-278] – DateUtils now works with system TimeZone
  • [KRIPTON-282] – SQLite: multi-column index generates unique constraint too
  • [KRIPTON-283] – SQLite: add DateMillisecondsTypeAdapter and DateTimeMillisecondsTypeAdapter to manage util.Date and sql.Date
  • [KRIPTON-287] – SQLite: PK is now NOT NULL

New Feature

  • [KRIPTON-264] – parameter in query string can be ${placeHolder} or :{placeHolder} or :placeHolder
  • [KRIPTON-265] – parameter in content provider URL can be ${placeHolder} or :{placeHolder} or :placeHolder
  • [KRIPTON-266] – PK now can be String type too
  • [KRIPTON-269] – Long/long Primary Key now can be UNMANAGED
  • [KRIPTON-270] – Manage spread parameter for “in” and “not in” where condition
  • [KRIPTON-273] – Persistent by REST service: Support for Immutable POJO
  • [KRIPTON-274] – Persistent on SQLite: Support for Immutable POJO
  • [KRIPTON-275] – Persistent on Shared-Preference: Support for Immutable POJO
  • [KRIPTON-284] – SQLite: data source have executeAsync and executeBatchAsync
  • [KRIPTON-285] – SQLite: paginated result has now method getCurrentPage()
  • [KRIPTON-286] – SQLite: DAO’s method can return any SQL-type that is not included in data source definition
  • [KRIPTON-288] – Add PagedLiveData
  • [KRIPTON-292] – @BindTransition for data-source


  • [KRIPTON-280] – update Jackson dependencies to 2.9.6
  • [KRIPTON-281] – update Rx dependency to 2.1.17
  • [KRIPTON-290] – [BREAK] Minimum JDK 1.8
  • [KRIPTON-293] – [BREAK] SQLPopulator#execute: remove SQLDatabase parameter


The release notes are here. The library will be available in the next hours on maven and jcenter repository.




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