Stackoverflow is always a good place to get ideas to write posts. Today i answer to this question. The original question is about using Room Library. But i want to change the question: how can i persiste a byte array using Kripton ORM Library?

With kripton, you can easly manage byte[] fields. Just to show you how to do:

I define a bean FileBean binded to a table file_bean:

A DAO definition:

And a data source interface:

After project configuration to use Kripton and its annotation processor in gradle config file:

Kripton will generate for you a DAO implementation like this (Javadoc too):


Kritpon, how you can see from generated code, natively persists byte[] fields into BLOB type columns. No special operation or configuration is required.

Quite easy no? For any question does not esitate to comment this post.

For more information about Kripton Persistence Library:

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