Kripton Persistence Library

Kripton and SQLite: how to store a HashSet

Kripton SQL ORM allows to store a hashset into a table column in a easy way. Just image to have a java model to convert in a SQLite database:

Define now the DAO interface:

And a database definition:

As you can note, you have to do nothing Read more…

Kripton Persistence Library

Kripton v2.0 overview – Part 3

Persistence on SQLite database As you know, SQLite is the database present in Android SDK. In gradle config add:

In the class used as application (in manifest file is the value of attribute android:name of  application tag) it is necessary to initialise the Kripton library.

Kripton approach to Read more…

Kripton Persistence Library

Kripton v2.0 overview – Part 2

Persistence with REST service Kripton does not offer generation of REST service client directly. There’s an integration module that allows using Kripton with Retrofit. For more information about Retrofit, visit In project’s configuration, it is need to include another artifact named kripton-retrofit-converter:

To integrate Kripton with Retrofit, just Read more…

Kripton Persistence Library

Kripton v2.0 is here!

Finally, after some months of hard work, Kripton library version 2.0 for Android platform is released. The current version is 2.0.2, because while i was writing documentation, some bugs were found and fixed. Release notes are available here. Kripton is available on bintray and maven repositories. But wait.. do you known Read more…

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